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I wanna be, uhm not I wannabe I am Tupac Shakur! But I'm a soulja, And theres no way I'mma' stop makin' money, 'Cause ya' attitudes changed, And ya' actin' a little funny, Always complainin', Sayin' we don't spend time, Can't you see, I got enough stress on my mind, And hangin' up like you all that, Then get mad when I tell you that, "I'm busy baby, call back," Leave, ain't nothin' left to say to you, Thugs get lonely too, You KNOW. It's that famous shit, you know? Real thug shit Real live thug shit, genuine, you know what I'm sayin' I wouldn't waste your motherfuckin' time with no bullshit baby Trust me, It's that real shit I'm talkin' about that shit you never tell your grandkids about, you know? G-Unit in the motherfuckin house 50! Ok Questo sito utilizza i cookies per ottimizzare la navigazione e monitorare il traffico.

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Not that I don't trust you.

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Eminem] I betcha that I got something you aint got, that's called courage It don't come from no liquor bottle, it aint scotch, it's not bourbon I don't walk around like no G, cuz that aint me, I'm not that person I don't try to act like you do, cuz that aint you, you just frontin You aint… [Verse 2: G-Unit in the motherfuckin house 50! Genuine Draft, ganja ganja, and my fuckin tec-9 They know they scared to see us sober Stop drinkin King Cobra, and niggaz'll take the world over It's all up to you up to you Blame the Korean, blame the jew, or be a crooked nigga too [Chorus] [2Pac] Aiyyo! Oh, I posted bail? It's that famous shit, you know? Loyal to the Game featuring G-Unit 2Pac: Ides fuck that!

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