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Having just turned 19 years old, they transfered me to Jackson prison. It seem that young men and gays and first timmers are used as sacrificial lamb. I came back to prison in I was confronted by inmate [F] and at that time inmate [J] come up and sed that I am going to do him a faver or I will not walk out of my cell block and that was on After everything was out, I cleaned myself again.

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I bet he's going to be walking with a limp ha ha ha.

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Meet the Vigilante Prisoner Who Beats Up Jail Rapists

There was no guard to be found, and so I was left to fend for myself. To manuver the N. He will offer the new comer wire for a radio antena coffee or something so the new comer will come back and the subject will come up every time the new comer comes around and before long the new comer wants to know what the deal is. What if they told, what could happen to them. I'm not making excuses for myself, but most prisoners have drug problems, and the prisons offer no help, drug counseling, or rehabilitation.

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